Digital Marketing: Objectives, goals, benefits and reasons for preference


Digital Marketing

digital marketing
                                                                 Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing that is done through digital devices or the internet is referred to as digital marketing.


  • Targeting the right audience
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Motivating the targeted audience to take action
  • Well planned spending on campaigns
  • Good Return on investment (ROI)


  • It is about generating sales and/ or capturing leads from audiences that are spending time on the internet in finding answers to their queries
  • Low cost: Online marketing strategy can be developed at a very low cost
  • Easy to evaluate: It is easy to measure what is or not working well for business
  • Engagement: Greater engagement with customers as they involve in various actions whenever they visit websites, they read about various products, provide reviews and so on.
  • Visibility: Visibility is unlimited because when your business is online it can be seen anywhere in the world
  • Retention: Customer retention is high because data can be easily collected from customers as and when they register themselves on a website. With the help that data customers can be contacted with best offers on regular basis.
  • Conversion: It means converting non-interested customers to interested customers. Conversion is of two types- Micro and Macro. Micro means only converting noninterested customers to interested customers, whereas macro means micro conversion plus getting personal information of customers also. Conversion rate is 21-24% (according to report of 2016)
  • Real time results: It is very easy to get real-time results with just a single click. For example how many visitors visited your website, conversion rate etc
  • Customer Satisfaction: It is very high because they can opt in or out of any communication according to their own choice.
Reasons for preferring digital marketing over traditional marketing
  • Reach: Target audience can be reached easily in many ways such as paid advertising, blogging, email marketing etc More than one-third of world’s population is on the internet so they all can be targeted easily through Digital marketing
  • Conversion Rate: It is 21-24% which is very high as compared to traditional marketing
  • Cost: It takes very less amount of money to develop a digital marketing strategy.

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