Marketing Interview Questions for freshers


In this article, I have tried to address a few marketing interview questions for freshers that are asked frequently.

Question 1. What do you understand by the term marketing?

Answer 1. Marketing in simple words means: meeting customers’ needs profitably. For detailed definition of marketing

Question 2. Difference between marketing and sales

Answer 2.

Differentiating Parameters Marketing Sales
Starting Point It starts with market It starts with factory
Focus In marketing focus is on customer needs In sales focus is on product
Means It is achieved through Integrated marketing communication Selling and promotion are the means to achieve selling
Ends At the end, profit is achieved from satisfied customers  In sales, profit is achieved from sales volume

Question 3. What is STP or “Segmentation, targeting and positioning”?

Answer 3.

Marketing Interview Questions for freshers
Marketing Interview Questions for freshers-               Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)                     (source:

Segmentation: Market segment refers to the group of customers who share same needs and wants. So, segmentation means dividing the market into segments.The major segmentation variables on which segmentation is based are: geographic, demographic, behavioral and psychographic

Targeting: A marketer can not target all the segments being identified in the segmentation process, so which ones and how many segments to target is being decided by the marketer. The marketer decides segments on the basis of needs which he can satisfy in the best possible way

Positioning: After targeting, Positioning comes into the picture. It refers to creating a unique and distinctive image in the minds of the targeted segments so that the targeted customers can recognize these offerings among other offerings present in the market.

Question 4. What is marketing mix /4Ps of marketing?

Answer 4. Marketing mix refers to the marketing activities a company uses to promote its products and brands in the market. The 4Ps: product, price, place and promotion makes up the marketing mix for any company.

Marketing Interview Questions for freshers
Marketing Interview Questions for freshers-                                 Marketing Mix                            (source:

Product: A product is anything that is offered by a company to a market to satisfy needs or wants of the customers. It can be any good, idea or service etc

Price: Price is the amount of money being charged by the company for its offerings to its customers. It can also be defined as the amount of value customers exchange for the benefit of using or having the product.

Place: Place refers to the ideal location where the marketers can market their products to their targeted customers.

Promotion: It refers to communicating products information to customers which can be achieved in with the help of various tools which include: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling etc.

Question 5. What are 7Ps of marketing/ extended marketing mix/ Service marketing mix?

Marketing Interview Questions for freshers- 7Ps of Marketing
Marketing Interview Questions for freshers-                            7Ps of Marketing                                      (source:

Answer 5. 7Ps of marketing also known as service marketing mix or extended marketing mix. It includes product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, and process. Extended 3Ps are explained below:

People: All firms rely on the people who are responsible for running a business. So all firms require right people in addition to the products/services being offered by the company.

Process: Services are being offered to the customers in their presence so how the services are being offered also matters to the customers for which they are paying

Physical Evidence: Services being offered to the customers also include some tangible elements, for example, a complete hairdo at a salon.

Question 6. What are 4Cs of marketing?

Answer 6. 4Cs of marketing includes consumers, cost, convenience, and communication. 4Cs help companies to think in terms of customers’ interests more than their own. Read more

Note:  I have gathered the above-mentioned marketing interview questions for freshers from various sources and these questions have been asked in many of the interviews

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